A Debut, A Demo, and Dates

I want to start this by thanking everyone who came out to see the debut of the Andrew Bedell Collective last week. It was such a blast to finally perform my music live and it was wonderful to see such a positive reaction. Thanks to the Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center, Echoes, Dave Lee, John Bickel, and Chuck Finney for making it all possible! I am currently contacting venues for future appearances, so stay tuned for shows in the future.

This month I have also been releasing songs from my demo recorded by Dave Lee. I have already released "Moon Song" and "Heptagroove." You can find them both on my YouTube channel or on SoundCloud. I will be posting more recordings and content soon, so be sure to like, follow, and subscribe!

Finally, I just finished updating my calendar with a list of shows for the next few months. I hope to see you there!



Andrew Bedell