Andrew Bedell was born on Long Island, New York and currently resides Wilmington, Delaware. Since moving to Delaware in 2007 he has been in demand as a woodwind artist, composer, and arranger. He currently leads the Andrew Bedell Collective and performs with Echoes: An American Pink Floyd and Universal Funk Order.

Since joining Universal Funk Order Andrew has performed at venues such as the Queen and the Wilmington Grand Opera House, as well as festivals such as June Jam. He recorded on their debut album This Is We Do.

Andrew has been the saxophonist for Echoes since the band’s inception in 2014. With Echoes he has performed at venues such as The Queen, Ardmore Music Hall, World Cafe Live, Pat Garrett Ampitheatre, Golden Nugget Casino and Maryland Live.

In addition to his work with Universal Funk Order and Echoes, Andrew is a frequent guest with local acts such as Spokey Speaky, Still Moon, the White Walls, Fat Daddy Has Been, and Best Kept Soul. He has also recorded with artists such as the 49ers (The World Record), Location of Incident (Self-Titled), Villains Like You (Villains, Cowards, and Saints), Scantron (Palamino Blackwing EP) and more.